Interested in trying acupuncture but don’t like needles? We have your solution!

Great for pediatrics and/or those who wish to opt. out of having needles involved in their treatment but still want results. We call ELR™ our "needleless treatment".

Non-Invasive | No Side Effects | No Pain | No Downtime for Healing | Holistic

About Acutron Therapy

While traditional acupuncture uses fine, sterile needles to stimulate points on the body to restore balance, points may also be stimulated without needles.

The Acutron is a non-needle therapeutic device that activates acupuncture points with pressure on the acupuncture points, color light therapy, micro current electricity (which you don’t feel) rather than puncturing the skin.

It works in harmony with the natural energy systems of the body to achieve healing. The Acutron provides an exclusive combination of Microcurrent and Therapeutic Light and Color (TLC) that address the underlying causes of various conditions. It applies electrical energy at specific frequencies, polarities and current levels directly to the meridians used for treatment.

The magic of the Acutron is the use of color. Color is how the body communicates on the cellular level. Through the application of color light at targeted acupuncture and muscle points, information is fed to the body through energy resonance. Side effects are extremely rare, but in susceptible individuals may occasionally include lightheadedness or temporary uncomfortable symptoms due to accelerated discharge of toxins from the tissues or lymph vessels of the body. When such symptoms occur they are mild and short-lived, and are generally associated with long-term improvement.

What our Patients are Saying

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Soto's for almost 2 years and it has been a wonderful experience from day! She is very knowledgeable about the holistic approach to healing the body as a whole. She's made me feel so comfortable and is always a pleasure to chat with her about anything that's going on.”

Meaka Holmes