What is Acupuncture?

Originating in China about 5,000 years ago, Acupuncture is the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world.  The fundamental principles of acupuncture are to treat the person as an integrated whole in body, mind, and spirit, and to remedy the root cause of illness and disease, not only the symptoms.The basic idea behind acupuncture, according to ancient theory, is that energy flows within the human body and can be stimulated to create balance and health.  The energy flow (or vital force) called Qi and pronounced “chee” moves throughout the body along 12 main channels known as meridians.  These meridians represent the major organs and functions of the body although they do not follow the exact pathways of nerves or blood flow. The goal of acupuncture is to correct imbalances of flow and restore health through stimulation, generally by inserting very fine needles through the skin at points along the meridians of the body.  Current acupuncture information lists up to 400 different acupuncture points for various health problems. Acupuncture is one of the best known of the alternative therapies.  The FDA estimates that people in the United States spend more than $500 million annually on acupuncture treatments.

How Acupuncture Works?

There are numerous theories about how acupuncture works. Some of them are:
  • Acupuncture stimulates the release of pain-relieving chemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin.
  • Acupuncture targets painful tender points, sometimes called trigger points.
  • Acupuncture influences the release of neurotransmitters, substances that transmit nerve impulses to the brain.
  • Acupuncture influences the autonomic nervous system.
  • Acupuncture stimulates circulation.
  • Acupuncture influences the electrical currents of the body.
  • Acupuncture stimulates the body’s pituitary gland to release cortisol, a hormone that is known to reduce inflammation.

Acupuncture Charlotte, NC

Contact us for any additional questions you might have.  If you're looking for treatment options for Acupuncture in the Charlotte, NC / Fort Mill, SC area, we can give you a complete range of options and services.

What our Patients are Saying

  • Gary Hinson
    I have been seeing Dr. Soto since Oct 2020.   I had a bad disc in my neck and back.  She has helped my pain go away for good. She is presently working on other issues, such arthritis in my fingers and hands etc.   She has also helped my wife as well.  I highly recommend Dr. Soto, she is very professional and her prolozone therapy works great!
    Gary Hinson
  • Mike Buzzi
    Dr. Soto and staff are amazing!! Dr. Soto's Acupuncture methods are incredible and they work!! I was skeptical of Acupuncture until I experienced Dr. Soto's work. She has resolved physical issues in my body in a short period of time. She is very detailed and cares about her patients. She asks a lot of questions to get to the root of the problem. This is whole body Acupuncture, and I highly recommend Dr. Soto!!
    Mike Buzzi
  • Luz R.
    Great staff and treatments have helped me substantially. In grateful I found Blue Root Acupuncture. It isn't easy finding a good acupuncturist.
    Luz R.
  • Thankful Client
    “I saw Dr. Soto for neck and shoulder pain. She used needles and cupping and it was wonderful. I had a second treatment and my pain has been gone for over two months. She also has helped with pain in my knee using acupuncture. Acupuncture has worked much better than massage (which I used to get on a regular basis) and lasts much longer. I can highly recommend Dr. Soto. She and her staff are professional, friendly and caring.
    Thankful Client
  • A Thankful Client
    “It works, seriously works. I have had 3 treatments to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia I have experienced for the past 20 years. After the 1st treatment I slept like a baby without waking up during the night, my anxiety was almost completely gone and my depression has not been an issue at all since the first treatment. I have energy to function again and am not in tears without any hope. No prescription drugs have been safe for me to take, other than something for sleep. Staff is wonderful and Dr.Soto(Angela is very kind and personable). She even overlooked my unpainted toenails that needed some serious attention. No judgement or empty promises at this office and the needles don't hurt. I have an issue with needles and this is easy peasy. Would have done this year's ago if I had known about it. Can't say enough about acupuncture and this office. Life changing for me, finally!”
    A Thankful Client
  • Lucia S.
    “I am amazed by the professionalism of Dr. Soto. She helped me improve my overall health. I always felt she goes above and beyond what is required. She cares so much and I don't have enough words to thank her.”
    Lucia S.
  • Kasey T
    Dr. Soto is amazing and helped me quit prescription medication that was addictive and she really helped with my withdrawals. I could tell that she really cares for her patients and truly wants to get to know them, so she can help them in the best ways possible.
    Kasey T
  • Sir G.
    I used acupuncture in the past for various reasons but this time, I came back trying to remedy my psoriasis.  Since I was a child, I recall having it only my elbows. On a rare occurrence, it broke out all over my body, so I booked an appointment and spoke with Dr Soto about what I needed to do since I didn't want western medicine of pills or light booths. She asked me how committed I was to getting treatment, and will I be disciplined enough to follow her guidelines. Within a matter of months, and a total overhaul of my diet and lifestyle, we got my psoriasis completely under control. Now, I have clear skin again without taking any pills or light therapy. I have kept in touch Dr. Soto since I moved away from the area to thank her unconditionally for her expert knowledge, healing powers, hard talk and sticking with her program to make a difference in my skin, life and spirit. I highly recommend this place and her guidance, but you have to follow the treatment and be true to the path that she requires otherwise, you will waste your time and money, along with her time. Again, thank you Dr. Soto for making such an impact on my skin and overall life. Cheers!
    Sir G.
  • Claudine P
    Have been struggling with headaches most of my life. Just started treatment with Dr. Soto and I can already see a huge difference. My headaches are not as severe and they have decreased considerably. Thank you so so much Dr. Soto. A wonderful and caring Doctor. What a doctor should be. Rare nowadays….
    Claudine P
  • Vc G.
    I had back pain after pregnancy and childbirth. No amount of chiropractor and physical therapy minimize the pain or cured me. I saw Doctor Soto and within 5 sessions I was like new. Blue Root Acupuncture & Wellness Center is professional and thorough. They will explain step by step and work with you to find the best cure.”
    Vc G.
  • Elizabeth Moses
    I came to Blue Root a few years ago for lower back problems. Since then I have been pain free until just recently. I am now returning for Dr. Soto to treat my back pain and it has already improved. I look forward to being pain free again soon.
    Elizabeth Moses
  • Sharon Ray
    “I have been going to Blue Root Acupuncture & Wellness Center for well over a year. Dr. Soto is phenomenal! Her expertise in alternative medicine is top notch. You are NEVER rushed. She provides holistic care, I believe, cannot be found elsewhere. She has helped me with a number of ailments such as hip bursitis, torn meniscus, tennis elbow. I am pain free, funny functioning.”
    Sharon Ray
  • Brittney Miller
    I've been so please with my acupuncture treatment at Blue Root. In my opinion they are the best in Columbia. I get acupuncture for migraines and it really makes a difference.
    Brittney Miller
  • Marty Johnson
    As a RN, I was skeptical about acupuncture even though our daughter was a big proponent of it as an alternative way to heal the body. After seeing the positive results Dr. Soto had with my husband, I decided to go to Blue Root Acupuncture & Wellness Center because of pain in my left shoulder and neck. She did acupuncture and cupping on my first visit. The pain was immediately gone and lasted almost a week. After my second treatment, the pain was gone from my neck and shoulder and I have much better movement of my neck. I also saw Dr. Soto for knee pain later on. She did acupuncture and prescribed two herbal teas to reduce edema in my lower extremities. I will continue to see her for stress related aches and pains. I have found acupuncture to be better than massage. Whenever I had a massage and drove home in traffic the massage was almost undone. Driving in traffic doesn’t seem to undo acupuncture treatment. I have recommended Dr. Soto to friends and family as someone who genuinely cares about her patients and their journey to healing.
    Marty Johnson
  • Tommy Johnson
    I started seeing Dr. Soto in the summer of 2015 after a unsuccessful June 2014 hip replacement which resulted in six surgeries in 8 months on the same spot on my hip. The first 5 surgeries were preformed within 3 months with thee 5th surgery resulting in a need for blood transfusions, a 55 pound weight loss, permanent damage never in my left leg. I also lost the ability to walk for almost 2 months. I was in the hospital or a rehab facility for 4 months. One of the physical therapists in the hospital suggested I see Dr. Soto. I began weekly treatments until I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in December 2015 and had to stop as I began treatments for CML. Once my CML was stable, my oncologist gave the ok to resume acupuncture with Dr. Soto in January 2017. I have progressed from using a walked at all times to using just a cane whenever I’m out of my house – and sometimes I forget to even use that. My body was so depleted the first time I saw Dr. Soto. My lips were blue all of the time, my hands and feet were cold to the touch, my skin was ashen, I had drenching sweats at all times. I often had to change my shirt up to 12 times in a 24-hour period. On top of all that, I was tired all the time and had no energy. I now have a much better quality of life and have been able to take some weekend trips to see my Grandchildren every few months. My stamina has allowed me to do some yard work, housework, shopping and cooking. Nobody would have thought that I was unable to walk just a year earlier. I have regained my weight, my skin is back to normal and my lips aren’t blue anymore. I’m still tired because of the leukemia but I am so much better than I ever thought I would be. I can highly recommend Dr. Soto and Blue Root Acupuncture & Wellness Center. She is knowledgeable, caring and professional!
    Tommy Johnson
  • Christy Rochealeu
    It works, seriously works. I have had 3 treatments to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia I have experienced for the past 20 years. After the 1st treatment I slept like a baby without waking up during the night, my anxiety was almost completely gone and my depression has not been an issue at all since the first treatment. I have energy to function again and am not in tears without any hope. No prescription drugs have been safe for me to take, other than something for sleep. Staff is wonderful and Dr.Soto (Angela is very kind and personable). She even overlooked my unpainted toenails that needed some serious attention. No judgement or empty promises at this office and the needles don't hurt. I have an issue with needles and this is easy peasy. Would have done this year's ago if I had known about it. Can't say enough about acupuncture and this office. Life changing for me, finally!
    Christy Rochealeu
  • Darrell Betterson
    "I would definitely recommend the service here. The doctor and the assistant were great. On one visit, I was having a bad day with extreme knee before my electric shock therapy and when I left the office I was feeling tremendously better."
    Darrell Betterson
  • Robyn Douglas
    I would like to attest to this as I was a patient. I called Dr.Soto in a emergent state of pain, not life threatening obviously, but I was doing everything to prevent going to the emergency room. Now, let me preference this, I can handle high levels of pain, I had a natural childbirth. So, going forward, I was an immense amount of pain, later being diagnosed with quad angular space syndrome in my shoulder. I called in to dr. Angela Soto, she took me in immediately. I was crying because of the pain, when I got there, laying on the table was a nightmare for my shoulder, I would get Charlie horses in my shoulder with no relief. Dr. Soto began the acupuncture and it was amazing. All I can compare it to was if someone gave me a low dose of morphine. The pain was gone temporarily, for a few hours I got relief. I ended up being out of work for 3 months. I have recommended numerous people to go see her for acupuncture. I never believed in it, but I opened up my mind. It really does work. Oh and my physical therapist who I saw during my time out...guess what he used as therapy. ...deep acupuncture. Huh...modern medicine opening up their eyes too??!
    Robyn Douglas
  • Barbara Antley
    Where to begin.... I had my first visit with Dr. Angela Soto in January of 2014. The reason for my visit was sciatic pain in my legs, the majority in the left leg. I suffered from acute attacks of shin splints after minimal exercise. My overall walking ability for short distances was compromised. I have neuropathy that affects sitting comfortably for any length of time and is also a contributing factor to the problems with my legs. In addition to these problems, I have suffered from upper respiratory allergies for years. As a consequence of multiple maladies, my energy level has been well below normal. Since January I have been receiving acupuncture treatment once or twice a week and have been on a regimen of Chinese herbs that Dr. Soto prescribed to specifically address the root of my problems. The results have been wonderful. My energy level has increased substantially; my leg pain is at a minimum; the shin splints are rare; and my allergies are totally under control! With the encouragement of Dr. Soto, I have also made lifestyle changes that include a healthier diet and exercise. My treatment is not over, but my progress has been remarkable. Thank you Dr. Soto! Your loyal patient,
    Barbara Antley
  • Wendy Harrill
    Ok. I don't always share everything. BUT I have been in serious pain since New Years Eve. Serious undeniable pain. Doc sent me to PT. Yeah no go. Then I discovered Blue Root Acupuncture & Wellness Center. I am almost pain free after two treatments. WOW. Just WOW.   Seriously. 2 treatments and I haven't had this much relief in 7 months. Wow. I may be able to run again soon. My waist and bootay will be so thankful. (Pain has been in my leg)   Try it. Go in with an open mind. It works.   After over half of a year with being in constant pain, Blue Root Acupuncture & Wellness Center took care of that in a matter of just a few treatments. Think what you will. Acupuncture works.
    Wendy Harrill
  • Maureen Cleveland
    I went to Dr. Soto, when I was first put on oxygen, 24/7 Beside treating me with acupuncture, herbal medicine and cupping -- and may I say she was the best one I found here in this area, she told me right off, any form of dairy is not good for your condition. She explained why. I stopped dairy, and soon no more bad mornings. She suggested I think positively, that was a little harder but she made me understand the mind is a powerful thing to have in your favor. Then she also suggested, a better diet that was going to help my medical condition. That was even harder than all the rest but it made a difference in the way I felt immediately. One month ago, I was taken off oxygen during the day. I called her my angel then, I still feel she was sent to me as an angel. She can help you, her herbs and her teaching along with her healing hands in acupuncture. Not only a new person in how your body feels, but a new thinking about how to live a more healthy life. Dr. Soto is very very good. She is more then a Dr.--She cares about you! Acupuncture works. I have had great results, both with a frozen shoulder and help in my breathing, due to COPD. I also would say, if you like having a caring person, who really puts her all into helping you get well, do go to Blue Root Acupuncture & Wellness Center Clinic. Dr. Angela Soto, I Just wanted you to know how very special you are to me. You are a great and caring Acupuncturist- who has helped me so much - so compassionate and caring in your work. Dr. Soto, Angela, you are the best, and I feel I have a great friend.
    Maureen Cleveland
  • Neal Kemp
    Having Acupuncture session #10 & finally cured from my rotator cuff surgery last Nov 20. Acupuncture has finally returned my ability to hit tennis serves & overheads - Thanks Dr Angela Soto & Hannah - I'm a believer (& you should be too!)
    Neal Kemp
  • Tyson Boatwright
    Love it. I've been going to Blue Root Acupuncture & Wellness Center for weeks now and see Dr. Soto--she's wonderful and super helpful with explaining things. They are offering community acupuncture sessions, but I recommend private sessions, at least at first.
    Tyson Boatwright
  • Gale Norris
    Feeling good from the acupuncture session yesterday afternoon, complete w/ a very much needed cupping therapy session. All I can say is Thank You Dr. Soto for always encouraging me, coaching me and most of all taking such great care of me! I am very grateful for your efforts - xoxo!
    Gale Norris
  • Pilar
    “Western doctors have diagnosed me with untreated chronic sinusitis and told me that the only solution for it is to have surgery. This is an aggressive procedure. A lot of people recommended me to not get it done, since the sinusitis will come back afterwards. I turned to Eastern Medicine 3 months ago. I’ve been getting Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Treatments from Dr. Angela Soto. My results have been amazing! I have been releasing all the phlegm since, the headaches and facial pain are gone, my energy level has picked up so much and the nasal congestion and nasal drainage stopped! “Seeking out Angela has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I highly recommend Dr. Soto acupuncture and herbal treatments!”
  • Nilsa Alvarez
    “I am a 55-year-old female who was diagnosed with breast cancer stage II in January 2008 at age 53. In February 2008 I had surgery performed to remove the cancerous tissue from my left breast and also various nodules were removed from under my armpit in order to make sure no cancerous cells had traveled to other parts of my body. Many tests were consequently performed in order to determine what type of treatment I would receive after my surgery in order to eliminate any possibility of the spread of the disease. What followed after was 7 months of chemotherapy and then 34 rounds on a daily basis of radiation. Finally by May 2009 I had finished my ordeal with the toxic treatment that eliminated any trace of cancerous cells but left me with many side effects that were quite painful. I am a firm believer of alternative treatment in order to cleanse the body of the toxins that were injected and radiated into my body after the fact, and was looking for some type of healing form that would alleviate the pain. I was blessed to find a friend who extended her knowledge in Chinese medicine and herbs to me in order to help with the after effects and side effects both physically and mentally. While I had already finished with chemotherapy and radiation, now I was immersed with a daily pill that is also chemotherapy for five (5) years. Needless to say, the year and a half of treatment left my body weary, the five-year oral medication had also taken a toll on my wellbeing. Bone and muscle aches and pains became a daily routine for me. Getting up in the morning was a tedious affair since every morning I would wake up stiff and with difficulty in moving around. Having been blessed with the presence of Angela who extended her desire to help me, she proceeded with an intense round of acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help me in my journey to wellness. I was amazed at how the process took immediate effect on my body. Slowly but surely I was able to open and close my hand, I was able to wake up each morning afterwards with just a hint of discomfort and amazingly enough was able to go on a long needed vacation in which I was able to walk, run and enjoy fully and completely. The treatment was and is effective, I am living proof of this fact. I will eternally be grateful first because of having amazing people in my life with the willingness to take the time to look deep into what I was feeling and then taking action with the right treatment. Angela, you have been blessed with the knowledge of healing through your hard work and effort and the heart to help those in need. The experience was incredible and I will be forever grateful and your friend……Nilsa Alvarez”
    Nilsa Alvarez
  • Mike
    “I am a 30 year old male that came in to see Dr. Soto for stress relief. I had been working three separate jobs and was constantly on the go. I became strongly addicted to caffeine and energy drinks just to get through the day. I began to feel panic attacks, had trouble sleeping, and was completely addicted to caffeine to get me through the day. After about a week of acupuncture treatment, I began to feel much better. My nerves had calmed down, I began getting the rest I needed, and I even stopped my caffeine input completely. I’ve never had any type of alternative medical treatment before, but I was willing to try anything to feel better. I now strongly believe that the acupuncture treatment reduced my stress significantly. I highly recommend the acupuncture treatment that Dr. Soto provided me with.”
  • Adiac Mayorca
    “Growing up, I had heard about the wonders of eastern medicine. Its origins are from so long ago, and from so far away. Its treatment seemed so far fetched, and out of reach to me. I was so fortunate to have come across Angela at a point in my life when I needed healing the most. I was suffering from palpitations, anxiety, and extreme body heat. My eyes would burn from dryness. At night my temperature would rise. I would constantly sweat through my shirt in my sleep as if I had run a marathon. From the first acupuncture session, I felt I healed about seventy percent. The other thirty came in time gradually with more acupuncture sessions, and proper intake of herbs. I am now healthy, and feeling the best I have felt in years. I am now exercising, and getting back to life to the fullest. I am grateful, blessed, and a believer due to the fact that I have lived the healing from acupuncture myself! Thank you so much Angela!”
    Adiac Mayorca
  • Susan Matthews
    I was feeling sluggish and they had a groupon that came across..SO I went for it I have never felt better in the last 10 years as I did when I could afford to go to Angela..I went for 3 months..A world of differnce she made.. From head to toe.. Found out I had to much phylum in my body and I did not need to drink milk.. It was amazing what she told me .. The accupunture is PAINLESS.. If my insurance paid for this I would still be going.. But the light bill and house payment comes first.. It is worth you time and money to see how Angela can help you..
    Susan Matthews